Webstore Exclusive Products

You can buy them directly from us online, or by using the in-store order point in one of our retail stores. The independent retailers listed in the GW Store Finder also have access to these products through the Games Workshop Webstore.

With new products released every Saturday we aren’t just talking about extra skulls here – although we do have plenty of those. We add to our extensive range of exclusive products every week! What might you find in this fabled vault of goodness? We have:

  • Lavish collectable limited edition Codexes and Army Books
  • Special characters, elite warriors and characterful additions for every faction
  • Great value collections: from terrain to Unbound Armies
  • Bitz - Conversion packs including shoulder pads, extra spikes for your Chaos Land Raider, weapon upgrades and loads of extra little bitz to help you create an army unique to you.

How to find Webstore Exclusive Products

The Games Workshop Webstore makes it easy for you to navigate our huge range to find miniatures that inspire you. Simply tick the “Webstore Exclusives” option in the “New & Exclusive" tab as shown below and your screen will be filled with glorious products you can’t get anywhere else.

Webstore Exclusive search result listing

How to identify Webstore Exclusive Products

This red seal (also shown above) will only ever appear on products that are Webstore Exclusive. We also include a Webstore Exclusive label on product pages (see below).

Webstore Exclusive product page