Warhammer 40,000
Battle for Vedros

Battle for Vedros is a Warhammer 40,000 product range specifically designed for Toy Stores.

It incorporates learnings from years of successful product launches, and decades of successful sales in Toy Stores across Europe and beyond. Especially designed for the US and European Toy Store environment, the products come with full certification and a proven track history of sales from its parent Warhammer 40,000 product line.

The range is small and easy to stock, coming with its own dispenser. The products themselves have been designed with easy accessibility in mind; meaning customers who are attracted to them instore, but have no modelling, painting or gaming experience, will find them easy to engage with.

On this page you’ll find useful documents such as our terms and conditions, who your local rep is, and resources such as images for promotional materials to download to use. If you’d like to know more about how the product works, please visit the customers’ Battle for Vedros website here

If you want to stock Battle for Vedros, please email battleforvedros@gwplc.com

Starter Set

The best product to begin with, the Starter Set includes 28 models, dice, and the background and rules for the game.

  • Space Marines

    3 easy to put together Space Marines at a low price point for easy add on sales.

  • Space Marine Bike

    A Space Marine on a bike to add new dimensions to play in the game

  • Attack Bike

    A more advanced construction kit to provide new modelling challenges.

  • Ork Boyz

    4 easy to put together Orks at a low price point for easy add on sales.

  • Ork Gretchin

    Different types of Ork models to add to collections.

  • Ork Wartrakk

    A more advanced construction kit for the Ork collection.

Paint Set

Including 13 high quality paints and a paint brush to paint the whole Vedros range.

Why stock Battle for Vedros?

Battle for Vedros’s appeal is broad, especially in the 8-14 age range with boys. This area is of great interest to retailers as this is when interest in general toys falls away, and the product offered here keeps formerly loyal customers coming back to the same store for longer.

The product itself is hobby and craft based, including kit construction, painting and playing games. This is very popular with children themselves (with its evocative background and creative opportunities) and their parents for the social aspects plus the craft, written and maths skills it involves. There are many examples of school and library based clubs as a result.

The nature of the product (and Games Workshops product in general) is that they are ‘hobby’ like in their nature, thus ensuring customers make multiple purchases and repeat visits to their local store throughout the year (although there is of course a December sales spike it isnt dominant over the year round sales cycle this product offers).

With a European sourced manufacture and US (Memphis) based supply hub, the product doesn’t suffer from the more common supply issues, and great care has been made to ensure that the products and support are focused on aiding those retailers who focus on delivering a high quality offer to local communities through their physical stores.

The Battle for Vedros is just part of the huge universe of Warhammer 40,000.

Games Workshop, the company that makes Warhammer 40,000, designs and manufactures the products in the UK, and also makes Warhammer (the background to the Warhammer Total War computer game), and the best modelling paints and accessories in the world. The company has been designing, making and selling Warhammer for over 30 years and is the world leader in its area.

Warhammer 40,000 is not only the world’s best selling miniatures game, stocked in over 4000 stores worldwide, but also the setting for numerous New York Best Selling novels, licensed products plus mobile, console and computer games including 2015’s Freeblade mobile game used by Apple to demonstrate their new iPhone 6s.

Contacts, Downloads & Support

As support for Battle for Vedros retailers, we are providing promotional materials, and in addition have a website designed to support consumers' interaction with the product which includes ‘how to’ videos.

More general information on how to use our craft and hobby materials and other Warhammer 40,000 products can be found on the Games Workshop website and Warhammer TV.

Battle for Vedros is a small easy to stock range optimised for Toy Stores. We also have thousands of retailers who stock our wider Games Workshop range.

Should you be interested, please contact Games Workshop at: (+1) 901 541 7561 or email battleforvedros@gwplc.com

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