Space Wolves Paint Bundle

Space Wolves Paint Bundle


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This collection provides all the Citadel paints you need to reproduce the distinctive colour scheme of the ferocious Space Wolves of Fenris.

This collection of 26 Citadel Paints includes: 1 Russ Grey, 1 Agrax Earthshade, 1 Fenrisian Grey, 1 Karak Stone, 1 Nuln Oil, 1 Tyrant Skull, 1 Terminatus Stone, 1 Zandri Dust, 1 Reikland Fleshshade, 1 Screaming Skull, 1 Cadian Fleshtone, 1 Kislev Flesh, 1 Pallid Wych Flesh, 1 Abaddon Black, 1 White Scar, 1 Mephiston Red, 1 Troll Slayer Orange, 1 Dawnstone, 1 Leadbelcher, 1 Runefang Steel , 1 Coelia Greenshade, 1 Guilliman Blue, 1 Necron Compound, 1 Balthasar Gold, 1 Gehennas Gold and 1 Averland Sunset.

The collection is comprised of 12ml pots of paint. They're non-toxic, water-based acrylic paints designed for use on plastic, metal, and Citadel Finecast miniatures.

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