Castellans of the Imperium

Castellans of the Imperium


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When the Imperium faces the direst of threats, it requires all of its military arms to work in conjunction to secure the future of Humanity. Bolstered by their versatility and shared devotion to the Emperor, and driven by the desperation such a mustering of strength signifies, disparate Imperial warriors become a force greater than the sum of its parts.

This bundle allows you to field the Castellans of the Imperium, a Detachment from The Gathering Storm: Fall of Cadia which forges the greatest of Humanity’s defenders into one combined army. Included:

-        a framed and signed commemorative art print by Paul Dainton limited to a mere 50 individually-numbered copies, as well as 3 artwork cards featuring the heroic Triumvirate of the Imperium from The Gathering Storm: Fall of Cadia;
-        a 6-man Space Marine Terminator Command;
-        2 10-man Space Marine Tactical Squads;
-        a Stormraven Gunship;
-        a 5-man set of Space Marine Scouts;
-        a 5-man Sternguard Veteran Squad;
-        a Valkyrie;
-        a Start Collecting! Militarum Tempestus box – this adds a 10-man set of Scions, a Taurox Prime and an Officio Prefectus Commisar.

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