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Using all the Space Marines

Hi all, John Bracken here from the Events Team and my day-to-day job is run events here at Warhammer World such as Throne of Skulls and Battle Brothers. Today I want to talk about an interesting subject – what Space Marine Chapters can have what?

One of the questions I get asked when I’m working at an event like Throne of Skulls is why certain Chapters have limited access to particular equipment. Back in the day the Stormraven was the big question mark, with Space Wolf players across the globe howling lamentations at the moon at their lack of flying (then skimming) transports, and Ultramarines players penning mighty tomes on how much easier life would be if they could use one.

Nowadays of course the talk of the town are Centurions, followed closely by Stormhawk Interceptors, and a few other oddities like Thunderfire Cannons and Land Speeder Storms.

What I’m here to talk about is how I, personally, treat those errant units in the various codexes that my gut tells me my Chapter (Blood Angels, in this instance) probably have lying around the armoury somewhere, and which ones they probably don’t. I use some loose rules (more like guidelines.. yarr!) to make the decision and here they are:

1: The Rule of Common Sense

Simply put, this the sensible part of my instincts. When I see a model and something screams out to me ‘yeah this is for everyone’, then I typically just get stuck in and get one, no discussion required.

These are typically very generic units, unlike the ones that are specific to a Chapter, like say, the Death Company, or Inner Circle Deathwing Knights. Examples of units that Blood Angels are ‘technically’ not allowed, but I own and use anyway, include; Land Speeder Storms, Ironclad Dreadnoughts, Stormhawk Interceptors, Centurions and of course Stormtalons

Naturally, because they are part of my Chapter – I will be using them with all attendant Blood Angel rules. Because that’s common sense!

2: The Rule of Strength

If something is just ludicrously awesome in the game I’m just gonna shoehorn it in somehow. It’s almost no-holds barred in this instance – and because between Unbound and allied formations I could easily do it within the framework of the game anyway, it’s not that big a deal for me to add them to my collection.

In order to stop my army getting savaged by Amy’s Riptides (grumble grumble) I bought six Centurions. Sure, Blood Angels ‘can’t’ have them, but my Riptide problem was solved in short order. That made them a permanent addition to my armies.

In case you are wondering, yes, all my dreadnoughts have the increased attacks and all my scouts have WS 4 and BS 4. Because that’s not only better in the game, in my opinion, it’s also common sense (see Rule 1).

Does this rule have a limit? Yes it does. No matter how great Inner Circle Knights are, or Crusader Squads, or even if Wolf Guard suddenly become the best unit in the game, I won’t take them as Blood Angels simply wouldn’t have them.

3: The Rule of Cool

If you have an idea, and you can make it work – then do it!

My example of this is my Stormwolf. I love the model and with a few Sanguinary Guard wings to cover up the Wolf head icons I’m hot to trot. It also a great model that looks much better in red.

Trust me.

So that’s it really – three basic rules I use to add models to my Blood Angels that the Codex doesn’t cover. For the Primarch and the Emperor!

Author: John

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