Age of Sigmar Update Booklet

Terms and Conditions

1. Customers who purchase: (i) Warhammer Age of Sigmar Starter Set:, or (ii) Thunder & Blood:, or (iii) Storm of Sigmar: (an “Age of Sigmar Starter Set”) on or after the 12 May 2018 from Games Workshop’s website ( will be sent an Age of Sigmar Update Booklet when it becomes available.

2. Customers who purchase an Age of Sigmar Starter Set on or after the 12 May 2018 from Games Workshop’s stores will receive a voucher. One voucher per sale of each Age of Sigmar Starter Set.

3. Vouchers will be distributed in printed form only.

4. Each voucher entitles the holder to one copy of the Age of Sigmar Update Booklet, which will contain updated rules for all of the miniatures contained in the Age of Sigmar Starter Sets.

5. The Age of Sigmar Update Booklet will be distributed as a printed publication. If for any reason there is a lack of availability of printed copies, Games Workshop retains the right to distribute this publication in electronic (digital) format.

6. The Age of Sigmar Update Booklet’s release date will be announced on social media.

7. Vouchers can be redeemed by presenting them to any Games Workshop store.

8. Vouchers will cease to be valid on 1 October 2018. Customers must redeem their voucher before this date.

9. Only an original voucher may be presented and redeemed. Photocopies or any other scanned images will not be accepted.

10. The voucher has no cash value or in the alternative the smallest cash value allowed by local law, and may not be exchanged for goods or services except as stated herein.

11. Responsibility for the voucher passes to the recipient upon purchase and Games Workshop is not responsible for any vouchers which are lost, destroyed or used without the recipient’s permission.

12. Games Workshop reserves the right to vary any of these Terms and Conditions without notice. In such an event, Games Workshop will make reasonable efforts to communicate any changes.