• Eldar Bestsellers

    Your favourite Eldar miniatures in one place.

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  • Eldar Characters

    Lords and masters, the Eldar's most powerful.

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Aspect Shrines

Facets of Khaine, for those on the Path of the Warrior.

  • Eyes and ears of the Craftworlds

    Eldar Rangers

    Eldar Rangers

    Marksmen who make sniping into a beautiful artform.

  • Master of the webway

    Illic Nightspear

    Illic Nightspear

    The Path of the Outcast breeds strange heroes..

  • Citizen Army

    Forces employed to negate threats to the Crafworld

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  • Eldar Heavy Support

    Surprisingly graceful, incredibly powerful

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Harlequins Range

Where war and art collide and become as one.

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