What's New Today from the White Dwarf Team

White Dwarf, a stealthy foe

This week's cover of White Dwarf has nothing on it. It's clearly blank, as you can see from the picture above.

Unless you've activated your blacksun filter, of course, in which case you'll be able to see the XV95 Ghostkeel shimmering into existence, a huge stealth suit that can appear without warning and disappear just as swiftly. To find out more about it, pick up a copy of White Dwarf 89, out tomorrow in Games Workshop stores, independent stockists and right here on the Games Workshop webstore.

Here’s what else you'll find in issue 89:

•Find out more about the mysterious Ghostkeel and its Stealth Drones.
•Cyclic ion raker or fusion collider? Both are highly dangerous.
•We show you how to paint a Ghostkeel in the colours of Vior'la Sept, just like the model on the cover.
•We also present its rules in a handy datasheet.
•Who is the Wolf Lord Godsmote? Find out in our Army of the Month, painted by the incredibly talented Tommy Soule.
•We detail the events of the three major storylines in the Age of Sigmar so far, including battles in Aqshy, Chamon and Ghyran.
•Godbreaker Clash! An exclusive minigame for you to fight between an Imperial Knight and a Stormsurge.
•Dakka dakka dakka, krump, kapow, zoooooooom! Armies on Parade: Week 11 has Orks in it, flyin' wunz!
•And plenty more besides, including assembly tips for the Ghostkeel, an impressive Necrosphinx, an equally impressive Voidraven Bomber and a question about Realmgates.

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