What's New Today from the White Dwarf Team

Trust us, we’re experts

If you’ve already pre-ordered Nagash, or you’re planning to pick one up at the weekend from your local stockist, make sure you watch these assembly and painting guides first. Between the Studio army painters, ’Eavy Metal and us lot in the White Dwarf bunker, we’ve now built and painted quite a few and gained some valuable knowledge along the way. These four videos are the culmination of our findings and show you how to make Nagash the undeniable centrepiece of your Undead army, if not your entire collection of Citadel Miniatures.

The first video shows you how to build Nagash’s sub-assemblies.

Video two covers the lower half of the model including Nagash’s robes and the spirit hosts swirling around him.

The third video is about Nagash himself, showing you how to paint his withered skin, bone and the Black Armour Morikhane.

The last video covers all the small (relatively speaking) details such as the Mortis Blade and the Nine Books of Nagash. It also shows you how to put together all the sub-assemblies.

Don’t forget, there are also stage-by-stage painting guides for Nagash in White Dwarf issue 30, out now.