What's New Today from the White Dwarf Team

You’re better off red

You’ve seen the new Bloodthirsters, you’ve placed your pre-order and you’re eagerly awaiting their arrival in the post. But how to you paint these paragons of violence and destruction?

Fortunately, Khorne’s favoured artisan, Duncan Rhodes, is here to help with two videos showing you how to paint a Bloodthirster of Unfettered fury from start to finish.

Remember, Duncan’s tips can be used for any of the three Bloodthirsters that can be made from this kit. They’re also pretty handy for painting other Khorne Daemons, such as Bloodletters, Heralds, Skull Cannons and the like.

If you’re still after more painting tips or alternative colour schemes, make sure you pick up a copy of White Dwarf 57, which includes a four-page painting guide that shows you how to paint two different-coloured Bloodthirsters, one with red skin and black armour, the other with black skin and red armour.