What's New Today from the White Dwarf Team

White Dwarf, harbinger of the End Times

It’s been 844 years since he last walked the physical realm. 844 years to plot and scheme, to finish the Great Ritual he started so long ago. But the Dark Gods have played their hand and the destiny of the three-eyed king has been revealed. Death is the only solution, the only constant, the only remedy for the sickness that ails the world.

No idea what I’m talking about? Wondering what all the secret messages have been throughout the week? You need to pick up issue 30 of White Dwarf, which is out tomorrow in Games Workshop stores, independent stockists and right here on the Games Workshop webstore. Inside you’ll find out more about the End Times and what they mean for the future of Warhammer. It will never be the same again…

White Dwarf is also available as eBook digital downloads from the Black Library website and through iBooks, while Warhammer: Visions is available to download for iPad and Apple computers from Apple Newsstand.

Come back tomorrow to find out who’s dominating the front cover of White Dwarf.