What's New Today from the White Dwarf Team

White Dwarf, child of Asuryan

This week’s White Dwarf is quite a departure from those of the last few weeks. Gone are the cyborg warriors, clanking mechanical war machines and horrific world-savaging weapons of the Skitarii. Here, now, are the Windriders, an elegant new kit for the Eldar. But they’re not the only new releases featured in White Dwarf. Want to find out more? You’ll need to pick up a copy of White Dwarf 64, out tomorrow in Games Workshop stores, independent stockists and right here on the Games Workshop webstore. You can even download a digital edition from the Black Library website, every page weaved by Bonesingers into a beautiful tapestry of megapixels.

Also in this issue we take a look at assembling an Eldar Warhost, including different ways to build an Eldar army using the new force organisation chart for the Craftworld Eldar. In the same article, we also look at different methods for marking your units, adding character to your squads and making them easier to recognise on the battlefield. We also present a stage-by-stage painting guide for Saim-Hann Eldar, plus full rules for using Eldar Windriders in your battles. The issue also pits the Wraithknight against a host of deadly foes while another pointy-eared (but infinitely more evil) model earns its well-deserved place in the Hall of Fame.

White Dwarf is also available as eBook digital downloads from the Black Library website and through iBooks, while Warhammer: Visions is available to download for iPad and Apple computers from Apple Newsstand.

Come back later to see all the new releases for the Eldar.