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Ride like the wind

Racing into battle on sleek jetbikes, Eldar Windriders form the vanguard of many Eldar armies, racing ahead of the task force to scout out the land and harass the enemy at every opportunity. Though some Windrider squadrons work alone, more often than not they fight together in a Windrider Host led by a Farseer, who guides their actions in battle.

This new, all-plastic boxed set includes a veritable tidal wave of Windrider Jetbikes – nine in total – plus a Farseer to lead them and a Vyper Jetbike for fire support. As individual squads they make for deadly foes on the battlefield, nipping in and out of cover to assail the enemy as they advance. Working together as a Windrider Host, they become even more formidable, the Farseer leading them judging the right moment to unleash a Tempest of Blades to shred the enemy with a withering hail of fire. Even better, every Windrider has access to both shuriken cannons and scatter lasers, enabling them to take on light vehicles, while the Vyper has five weapon options including a tank-busting brightlance.

These Eldar Windriders belong to Nicolas Gindre, who painted them in the red and black of Saim-Hann Craftworld. Unusually amongst the Craftworlds, almost every Guardian from Saim-Hann rides to war on a jetbike, every one of them eager to prove themselves in the heat of battle.

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This weekend – Saturday 4th – sees the opening of Warhammer Enschede, a brand new store in the Netherlands. You can find out more about the store and their opening times on their Facebook page:

Warhammer Enschede

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Only five days to go until the Age of Sigmar is upon us!