What's New Today from the White Dwarf Team

Grey is the new black

Like painting Citadel Miniatures? Like Space Wolves? Thinking about getting a Stormfang Gunship at the weekend? You need to watch these three videos, which show you how to paint it from start to finish, nose to tail.

Duncan used The Fang as the basecoat for his Stormfang and applied it using a Large Drybrush, an easy technique for applying a basecoat to a large model. If you’re after an even easier way to basecoat your Space Wolves, invest in a couple of cans of The Fang basecoat spray. Line up your Space Wolves on a spray stick*, take them out for a walk in the garden, give the can a good shake and spray away. You’ll have your army basecoated in no time.

In the second video, Duncan show you how to paint all the details on your Stormfang, including the gold trim and the wolf heads on the prow.

In the last video Duncan shows you how to paint the tricky little details, such as the glowing runes on the helfrost destructor and the pack markings on the engines. Following Duncan’s handy tips, you should have no trouble getting your Stormfang ready for battle. Remember, you can use his painting tips on other Space Wolves vehicles too, such as Land Raiders and Predators. Why not give them a go?

*Spray sticks are what their name suggests, sticks used for spraying models. A length of wood about two feet long and an inch thick is perfect for the job. Using adhesive putty or double-sided tape, carefully attach your models to the stick, take it to a well-ventilated area and spray away. When your models are dry, simply pluck them off the spray stick and start painting.