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Warden, Crusader, Gallant

Imperial Knights are ranked amongst the Imperium’s greatest heroes, noble warriors who march to war in colossal suits of armour. Towering over mortal men and tanks alike, they carry an arsenal of weapons that can devastate enemy formations with a single volley and reduce armoured vehicles to molten slag. To stand before an Imperial Knight is to stand before a god of war, a physical manifestation of death and destruction.

There are two plastic kits available to represent these formidable warriors on the battlefield, the Imperial Knight (which makes the Knight Paladin and the Knight Errant), which came out early last year, and the brand new Imperial Knight Warden, which is available to pre-order now. The great news is, the Knight Warden makes not one, not two, but three new Knight variants, with a host of weapon options. Check them all out below.

The Imperial Knight Warden

Imperial Knights Warden are masters of close-range warfare, excelling in sieges and cramped city fights. On one arm they wield a thunderstrike gauntlet, which they use to rip apart enemy vehicles and monsters before throwing the wreckage into the enemy with explosive force. On the other arm they carry an avenger gatling cannon, which can shred an infantry platoon in seconds with its devastating firepower. Should these guns not prove enough for the task, a Knight Warden can also be fitted with additional guns. The Knight shown here carries a stormspear rocket pod for taking out enemy tanks at range, while its shoulder-mounted meltagun is perfect for dealing with armoured foes should they venture too close.

The Imperial Knight Crusader

Imperial Knights Crusader are walking gun bastions and a living nightmare for enemy infantry, light vehicles and flyers. Striding into battle at the rear of a Knight lance, they provide supporting fire to the warriors of their household, taking out enemy units from long range before they can become a threat. Eschewing the use of close combat weapons, Crusaders carry two cannons into battle, in this case an avenger gatling cannon (left arm) and a rapid-firing battle cannon (right arm). Add to that the Icarus autocannons mounted on its carapace and you’ve got a Knight that can lay waste to all before it (crushing the few that survive beneath its armoured feet).

The Imperial Knight Gallant

Where Knights Crusader rely on massed firepower to annihilate the enemy, Knights Gallant believe the honourable way to fight is up close and personal. Armed with a reaper chainsword and a thunderstrike gauntlet, they charge into combat to get to grips, quite literally, with the enemy. To ensure nothing gets between them and their quarry, the Knight Gallant can also be upgraded with a carapace weapon (either of the two shown above or an ironstorm missile pod for punishing enemy infantry) and a shoulder-mounted heavy stubber or a meltagun.

The kit can also be used to build a Knight Paladin or a Knight Errant, both of which can also be upgraded with the new carapace weapons. You can find out more about this great new kit in White Dwarf, which also includes a painting guide for House Raven, the full rules for the Knight Warden and an exclusive new mission for Warhammer 40,000 to use your Knights in.