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Curse of the Wulfen – the book

War Zone Fenris – Curse of the Wulfen is the spanky new campaign book for all you Space Wolves buffs, as well as those with a passing interest in the horror that is Chaos Daemons. Book One: Saga of the Lost features a fantastic narrative campaign, with revelations and dramatic events aplenty; while Book Two: The Rules features, well, rules! It’s nothing if not appropriately named.

There’s a huge swathe of incredible story, uniform guides and artwork in this book.

88 pages of new special rules, Space Wolves content and Chaos Daemons all over the place!

Brimming with ace datasheets for the Wulfen, Wolf Lord Krom and Iron Priest amongst others, this two-book set greatly expands upon the Space Wolves – the Wulfen in particular can affect your army in strange ways. It’s got a ton of updates for existing Space Wolves miniatures, seven brand-new formations and rules for six individually-named Greatpacks: check out the Firehowlers, they’ve got an absurdly excellent name.

Also included are updated Datasheets for Predator, Vindicator, Land Speeder and Whirlwind vehicle squadrons, giving them the same special rules and options as those found in Codex: Space Marines. No more are the Sons of Russ left languishing behind their superhuman kin on the battlefield!

Tomorrow, we’ll have a look at the Chaos Daemons content in a little more detail. It’s pretty special…!

P.S. Klaxus: The Scarlet Lord? Available now as an ebook? Surely not? Yes, yes it is.