What's New Today from the White Dwarf Team

Warhammer Age of Sigmar revealed

White Dwarf is out tomorrow and with it begins a new era for Warhammer – an age of eternal warfare where epic armies clash across unimaginably vast realms. Gracing the front cover are the Stormcast Eternals, a brand new army and the God-King’s wrath made manifest.

Here’s what you can expect to find in this bumper-sized edition of White Dwarf:

•We introduce you to a new era of unending war where world-shattering armies clash across fantastical realms.
•Learn about the Age of Myth, the time of Chaos and the creation of Sigmar’s eternal warriors.
•The Stormcast Eternals: who are they? Find out more (much more!) in this issue.
•We show off an astounding starter set that will leave you speechless.
•This issue of White Dwarf also includes a four-page pull-out containing all the rules for Warhammer Age of Sigmar. And tomorrow you’ll also be able to download all the Warscrolls Compendiums – the individual rules for all your existing Citadel miniatures – from the Games Workshop webstore for free.


•We show you how to build and paint a Stormcast Eternal, along with an extra stage-by-stage painting guide for his hated foes.
• But we’re not just going to show you how to paint a Stormcast Eternal – we’re giving you one too. You’ll find one of these immortal, armour-clad warriors attached to the front cover of White Dwarf 75, which will be available tomorrow in Games Workshop stores, independent stockists and right here on the Games Workshop webstore

Excited? We certainly are! Especially because every Games Workshop store and many larger independent stockists will have the starter set on show for you to look at, touch and marvel at from tomorrow. Tomorrow, we’ll be diving into Warhammer Age of Sigmar. It’s going to be the start of an incredible journey!

Don’t forget, White Dwarf is also available as eBook digital downloads from the Black Library website and through the iBookstore, while Warhammer Visions is available to download for iPad and Apple computers from Apple Newsstand. You can subscribe to both White Dwarf and Warhammer Visions using the links to the left.