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White Dwarf 107

Space Wolves heroes! You want ‘em, we got ‘em. Every army needs a leader, after all, and the Space Wolves present one of the mightiest heroes ever to stalk the enemies of the Imperium – Ulrik the Slayer, almost the oldest known Space Wolf in existence (Bjorn the Fell-Handed claims that particular record, though he probably doesn’t want to…)We also take a looky at Wolf Lord Krom and the Iron Priest. White Dwarf 107 is out tomorrow in Games Workshop stores, independent stockists and right here on the Games Workshop Webstore.

Also in this issue:
• Grand Alliance: Death – the book of the faction, introducing Warscrolls for every avaricious servant of Death in the Age of Sigmar;
• A bit of a chat with the painter of an astonishing Blood Angels Terminator Captain from the recent Golden Demon;
• Stage-by-stage painting guides for Ulrik the Slayer and the Iron Priest;
• Rules! Rules for the Iron Priest.

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