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Nagash is back!

Quail in terror, mortal creatures, for the Great Necromancer has returned to the Warhammer world. Nagash is back and he’s available to pre-order now.

Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead is, I’m sure you’ll agree, an incredible model. He is the personification of death, a god given form; a form fashioned by his own twisted mind and formidable necromantic skill. Borne aloft by a host of vengeful spirits, he carries all the trappings of his former life – the staff Alakanesh, the Mortis Blade, the Black Armour and, of course, the Nine Books of Nagash. There is so much more to say about Nagash, but, for now, you’ll have to be content with looking at the pictures (including a 360º) on his product page, below. I’ll be taking a closer look at Nagash’s new model on Monday.

Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead

Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead


Alongside the new model of Nagash, there’s a new sourcebook available to pre-order – Warhammer: Nagash, the first book of the End Times. This slipcased two-volume set contains almost 400 pages (they’re 392 pages combined) of new background detailing the start of the End Times, the rise of Nagash and his subsequent war on the living. It also contains full rules for the Great Necromancer, along with rules for new Undead units and an army list that enables you to field an Undead Legion of Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts. United in death, as the saying goes.

It’s worth pointing out right now that these books are no ordinary books; they’re not army books or campaign tales. These are the future of Warhammer, the first steps on the road to the End Times. If you love Warhammer, you’ll want them for your collection. Nagash is watching, he’ll know if you don’t get them, and no one defies Nagash. No one…

There’s so much to say about these books that I’ll be doing a special one-off post tomorrow – that’s right, a special Sunday blog post for you all – to explain more about them and the End Times. Don’t miss it.

Warhammer: Nagash (English)

Warhammer: Nagash (English)

Warhammer: Nagash Limited Edition (English)

Warhammer: Nagash Limited Edition (English)

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Also out, are Battle Magic cards for the Lore of Undeath, a new magical discipline that allows you to summon Undead creatures to do your bidding. The best news is, everyone can use them. Yes, everyone, no matter what army you collect. The Wind of Death blows strong following the resurrection of Nagash, enabling even the most backward wizard to bring the dead back to life. Go on, treat yourself to a set and pick up a box of Skeletons while you’re at it.

To finish off for the day, Josh reynolds has penned The Return of Nagash, a weighty novel that runs alongside the Nagash books. It’s well worth a read and includes a whole host of characters, both new and old. Did I mention that a lot of people die in it? Including some of Warhammer’s greatest heroes? I didn’t? Ah well…

See you tomorrow. The End Times await.