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A race united

To us humans, the Eldar are mysterious, outlandish aliens. If they’re not ultra-conservative, emotionally-driven puritan warriors, they’re sadistic, mentally-unhinged abominations from the darkest depths of reality. Bridging the divide between these two disparate factions of Eldar society are the Harlequins. Outsiders all, they do not distinguish between light and dark, good and evil; they merely see two sides of the same coin – a race that must be united in order to survive. As such, a Harlequin masque will often ally with an Eldar or Dark Eldar army or, just as often, find their performance enhanced by the arrival of their kin.

This week’s White Dwarf features an article all about Eldar alliances, such as the strange union between the Masque of the Twisted Path and the Eldar of Craftworld Telennar. Coming up with an exciting story like this is a great way to build upon your Harlequins collection, enabling you to add Eldar and Dark Eldar units to your force in a fun, background-driven way.

Adrian Pensko painted these Harlequins in the colours of the Masque of the Soaring Spite. This particular masque spends a lot of time in Commorragh performing for the Archons and competing in the Wych Cult arenas. An army of these Harlequins fighting alongside Dark Eldar Kabalites and Wyches would make for a great-looking force.

These Saim-Hann Wraithguard were sent in by Celso Mendez. Imagine an army of Harlequins backed up by towering wraith-constructs come to aid them in their war against Chaos. A great example of this happening is the alliance between Craftworld Iyanden and the Masque of the Veiled Path.

These ghoulish-looking Wracks painted by Chris Poole would look great marching stoically alongside a colourful masque of Harlequins as they leap into battle. The juxtaposition of the two colour schemes would look very striking on the battlefield. So what are you waiting for? Strap on your flip belt, don your mask and broker an alliance to conquer the stars.