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At last! The Wulfen return!

Today we hand the reigns to our resident Long Fang to share their feelings on the recent Space Wolves releases. Over to you Dom...

The Wulfen have arrived! I can’t quite put into words just how excited I am about this, but I’ll have a go. Basically, as the office Wolf-nut the guys asked me to write a few words on what the release of these models means to me as a long-time collector of Space Wolves.

Finally (finally!) I can add a few units of these gene-cursed monsters to my collection. Under any other circumstances I’d be praising the All-father just for that gift, but I’ve also had to go and pre-order the Curse of the Wulfen book too, because, you know, I had no choice.

My first Space Wolves army was based on Ragnar Blackmane’s Great Company (all bared teeth and Blood Claws), and it’s only recently that I’ve turned my attention to the Wolf Guard Terminators of Logan Grimnar’s Champions of Fenris. And this is where I feel like I’ve got very lucky as the story of Curse of the Wulfen revolves around Logan Grimnar voyaging into the stars to reclaim the mysterious 13th Company. I’ve already determined that I’ll add a couple of boxes of Wulfen to my Wolf Guard force so that I can re-enact the key parts of the story.

I collect models around specific themes and the barbaric Wulfen will provide a really nice contrast to the noble Wolf Guard Terminators. The idea that no-one (not even Logan Grimnar himself) is really sure what the Wulfen have been up to since they disappeared is something that will influence how I play games with them. Will I use them as a trusted ally, or as a force in their own right?

I bought a Murderfang some time ago too, and like any hobbyist worth his salt, I managed to forget that I’d bought him as a new project hopped like a magpie across my painting station. Well fear no more my murderous friend, your mates have turned up and you shall finally get the paint job you deserve. And you know what? A Murderfang and a few Wulfen will look ace as they tear their way across the battlefield.