• The cold, calculating demigod 

    Necron Overlord

    Necron Overlord

    With his warscythe he slays, and with his resurrection orb he lives to slay again. 

  • They lead the vanguard



    Flay the flesh from your enemies with these implacable ancient warriors.

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  • Warhammer 40,000

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    <p>Warhammer 40,000</p>
  • Reclamation Legion Web Bundle

    Find out more in White Dwarf!

    Reclamation Legion Web Bundle

    The essential building block of most Battle-forged Necron armies awaits your command.

  • The Citadel Annual 2014

    A pictorial year in review 

    The Citadel Annual 2014

    216 pages of lavish photography showing off every miniature we released last year. What did you miss? 

  • It awakens! 

    White Dwarf Issue 52

    White Dwarf Issue 52

    We take a look at the brand new Codex, with a special feature on Necron Decurions – the ancient fighting formations of the Necrons, a first look at the Reclamation Legion, and a Paint Splatter for the new Necron Overlord.  

  • You'll need more than silver 

    Necron Paint Web Bundle

    Necron Paint Web Bundle

    Get your undying Necron legion ready for battle with these 19 Citadel Paints. Every base, layer and dry paint you''ll need is right here.