• Warhammer: Glottkin Limited Edition

    Be one of the few

    Warhammer: Glottkin Limited Edition

    Hurry! Warhammer: Nagash sold out in record time, and with only 500 printed, this glorious tome will go just as quickly.

  • Your new Space Marine army starts here

    Adeptus Astartes Strikeforce

    Adeptus Astartes Strikeforce

    Dispense the Emperor's truth with this fast-moving, hard-hitting Space Marines force.

  • Invade. Consume. Destroy.

    Wrath of the Hive Mind

    Wrath of the Hive Mind

    Bring doom to countless prey worlds with this Tyranid invasion in a box.

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  • Glottkin New Releases Web Bundle

    Nurgle's bounty awaits you

    Glottkin New Releases Web Bundle

    Eight minions of Nurgle. Four new releases. One bundle of plague-ridden joy.

  • White Dwarf Issue 39

    Who are the Glottkin? Find out inside.

    White Dwarf Issue 39

    This week: to celebrate the release of the Glottkin and the next instalment of the End Times books we've got a massive Battle Report. Can the defenders of Altdorf save their proud city? 

  • Warhammer: Visions 10

    Your monthly showcase of the finest Citadel miniatures

    Warhammer: Visions 10

    Brace yourself for 50+ pages of inspirational photography showcasing the Glottkin and their allies, an enormous Iron Hands force in Army of the Month, a wealth of Golden Demon entries, and much more.

  • Get your essential modelling supplies

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    <p>Get your essential modelling supplies</p>
  • Warhammer - there's never been a better time to get stuck in

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    <p>Warhammer - there's never been a better time to get stuck in</p>